Ludesch community centre

Pioneering structure in the field of consistent ecological building in Europe.

Gemeindezentrum Ludesch/A, Architekten Hermann Kaufmann ZT GmbH

address of building

Ludesch, Vorarlberg/AT


Architekturbüro Hermann
Kaufmann ZT GmbH
Sportplatzweg 5
AT-6858 Schwarzach
T +43(0)5572/58174-0

Timber Construction

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wucher-Sutter Holzbau, Ludesch


Gemeinde Ludesch Immobilienverwaltungs GmbH & Co. KEG

Structural design

merz kley partner ZT GmbH, Dornbirn (Timber construction)


October 2005

The community centre in Ludesch, which was opened in 2005, is a pioneering structure in the field of consistent ecological buildingin Europe and has received several national and international awards. On account of its poor structural condition, the existing building from the 1950s that housed the council offices could not be refurbished. Alongside creating a new centre for the town, this new building for the community aimed to apply the highest possibleenvironmental standards and to create an ecological model project. The subsidy from the Austrian development programme for sustainable building, ‘Haus der Zukunft’ (house of the future), allowed a project to be developed that reduces environmental pollution in terms of both the production and operation of the building and provides healthy spaces through the use of materialsthat are toxologically harmless. A clear reduction was possible in the amount of primary energy used to create the building and the global warming and acidification potential compared with similar passive houses. In addition to this, the use of PVC, HFKW, formaldehydes as well as solvents was avoided in order to reduce ozone depletion and photo-oxidation potential. Different options for the construction of the building were examined in terms of the criteria mentioned above and compared with each other over the entire life cycle; economic criteria also played a role. The use of wood, most of it sourced from forests owned by the community, for the entire construction as well as for the fitting out of the interioris the main reason for this building’s exemplary ecological balance. The Ludesch community centre shows that energy-efficient building and the consistent application of strict ecologicalcriteria do not conflict with architectural quality and can indeed lead to an individual ‘eco-rational’ aesthetic.

Category: Büro und Verwaltung, Ökovergleich