Company restaurant with auditorium

Economic production of this complex construction with maximum precision using a five-axis CNC milling and cutting robot.

address of building



TRUMPF GmbH & Co.KG, Ditzingen


Barkow Leibinger Architekten, Berlin/D

Structural design

Werner Sobek Ingenieure, Stuttgart



For more than ten years, the office of Barkow Leibinger has been implementing a master plan that it drew up for the Trumpf companysite. Following a number of buildings for production and administration, their most recently completed project is the companyrestaurant. This free-standing pavilion forms the ‘social centre’ of the company campus and through its unusual pentagonalshape adopts a special position on the site. Large areas of the restaurant as well as the kitchen and its service spaces are sunken four metres into the ground. Up to 700 staff members can eat here at one time, and in the evening the space can be used for events attended by up to 800 visitors. The dominant element in the design is the roof, which is a composite construction of steel and wood. Its load-bearing structure is based on the way a leaf is made. Steel box beams carried on tilted steel columns form the primary structure and divide the pentagonal form into nine triangles. The spaces between the main structural elements are filled with a secondary honeycomb structure made of ten-centimetre-thick glulam pieces. The perforated, acoustically effective wood elements that lie above them also serve as stiffening. The honeycomb boxes have different depths (ninety, 120 and 150 centimetres), and are connected to each other and to the steel beams by internal star-shaped steel elements. This construction allows spans of up to twenty-two metres to be bridged. The use of 3D software was essential in designing the different roof pitches, the polygonal honeycombs and their varying geometries. By transferring the relevant data to a modern five-axis CNC milling and cutting robot, it was possible to produce this complexconstruction economically and with maximum precision so that it fits perfectly.

Category: Hotel und Gastronomie, Der Einfluß der EDV