"We were positively surprised of the outcome. The transfer from paper to praxis has been successful in doing",

has said Prof. Miroslav Premrov, University of Maribor, at the presentation of the final results of the Master Class projects in Klagenfurt.

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Siegerprojekt Zagreb: Luka Jecic, Antonella Colic

Siegerprojekt Zagreb: Marija Tomljenovic, Irena Posavi

Siegerprojekt Maribor

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On Thursday, 1st of September we presented the final results of the Master class on International Wood Fair in Klagenfurt. Within the presentation assist prof. Sonja Frühwirth presented the publication that was design in collaboration with Institute for Design and Architectural Typologies, TU Graz. The publication is summary of the entire workshop. In it the project Master class is explained and all the designing concepts made by the students from University of Zagreb and Maribor are presented.

At the Presentation of final results in Klagenfurt the professor Vlatka Rajcic, Faculty of civil engineering, University of Zagreb and professor Miroslav Premrov, Faculty of civil engineering, transportation engineering and architecture, University of Maribor presented their view on the Master class. In Zagreb they made that kind of collaboration between students of architecture and civil engineering for the first time and they were positively surprised of the outcome. Students as the professors have realized many benefits of interdisciplinary cooperation, despite initial skepticism.

In Maribor, they already made some of the interdisciplinary workshops but never international one and in a form of a Master class. They saw the Master class as a positive and big step into further education of young architects and engineers and education young about building with wood.

As professor Gerhard Schickhofer from Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology TU Graz, has said in his speech: "Not only students from Maribor and Zagreb could benefit from this cooperation of three selected universities, but also professorship from different universities and faculties performed a good collaboration, led by the idea of an interdisciplinary learning from each other and respecting themselves and their specific topic."

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