Master class

internationaler und interdisziplinärer Workshop

To promote the development of wood due to new technologies and ecological reasons, proHolz Austria started an international program to inform and educate the decision-makers in Austria´s neighbouring countries. As follow up to the mobile ´Woodbox´ exhibitions, we initiated an international and interdisciplinary workshop: a master class for students in their master study of civil engineering and architecture. With this project we want to raise the awareness for wood as a modern building material among young future experts and establish good relationship between experts, companies und universities.

The Master class is 3 months workshop in which the students in an interdisciplinary groups of 1+1 (1 architect and 1 engineer) or 2+1 (2 architects and 1 engineer) works together on a task, under the professional guidance of the professors from the local university and the TU Graz. The task for the workshop is set in collaboration with the professors of the participating universities.

In a series of weekly workshops between March and June with the local professors, workshops with guest professors G. Schickhofer and H. Gangoly and one session of lectures with invited engineer and architect from Austria the students explore the possibilities of building with wood. The workshop ends with the presentation of the projects and the selected students of architecture and civil engineering from each university are invited on a one month practice in Austria.

Additions to the Master class

  • Woodday presenting the results of the Master class, exhibition of the designs and a round table about modularity and CLT elements.
  • Internship at the Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology, TU Graz and the Institute for Design and Architectural Typologies, TU Graz for the best students, selected on the final event of the Master class.


Exhibition Master class 2018

On June 29th, „GRAZ OPEN ARCHITECTURE 18“ will be hosted for the fifth time. The Faculty of Architecture invites the public to the annual summer celebration and exhibition of student works. For the first time proHolz interdisciplinary and international workshop Master class will be part of the exhibition.


Announcement: Presentation of the final results

In June the final presentations of the projects made within the Master class in Slovenia and Croatia will take place.


Master class publication with the results of 2018

Master class publication with the results of 2017

Master class 2016 publication: The final results

Master class is organised by proHolz Austria in collaboration with:

TU Graz
Univ. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schickhofer, Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology
Univ. Prof. Architekt Hans Gangoly, Institute for Design and Architectural Typologies
University of Ljubljana (2017, 2018)
Prof. Dr. Roman Kunic, Prof. Dr. Bostjan Brank, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
Prof. Dr. Marusa Zorec, Faculty of Architecture
University of Zagreb
Prof. Dr. Sc. Vlatka Rajcic, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Prof. Dr. Sc. Sanja Filep (2017), Prof. Ivica Plavec (2016, 2017), Prof. Dr. Mia Roth Cerina (2018), Prof. Dr. Sc. Leo Modrcin (2018), Faculty of Architecture
University of Maribor (2016)
Prof. Dr. Miroslav Premrov, Assistant Prof. Dr. Vesna Zegarac Leskovar, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Architecture 

Master class 2018

Comprehensive transformation of the region with wooden constructions

For the third year in a row we are organising a semester long international and interdisciplinary workshop for undergraduate students of architecture and civil engineering from Slovenia and Croatia. This year in Master class participate 46 students, 23 from each country, 12 architects and 11 civil engineers. Their task is comprehensive transformation of the region Bohinj (noth-west Slovenia) with wooden constructions.  

Master class 2017

Densification of the city districts with CLT modular elements

35 students from the civil engineering and architectural faculties from Zagreb and Ljubljana designed concepts for densification and transformation of the districts in Zagreb and Ljubljana. In the series of weekly workshops between March and June the students were exploring the possibilities for urban redensification with wood.

Master class 2016

Urban renewal of the school with CLT modular elements

Under the professional guidance, the 24 students designed in 10 interdisciplinary groups a concept of the renovation of a school built in the urban area of Graz. 

Project manager:

Maruša Retuznik, MSc. Civ. Eng.
proHolz Austria
Am Heumarkt 12
1030 Wien
43 (0)1 / 712 04 74 -14