Samer Mösl passive apartment building

Three-storey apartment building in passive house standard, economical and userfriendly.

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Heimat Österreich, Salzburg


sps-architekten zt gmbh, Thalgau/A

Structural design

Nowy & Zorn ZT GmbH, Innsbruck



A moor at the north-eastern periphery of Salzburg provided the name for this timber-built housing development with sixty dwellings. Three slender buildings of different lengths that fan out slightly continue open spaces formed by the neighbouring developments. All the apartments extend through the entire depth of the building, and centrally positioned kitchens connect the dining and living areas that face south-east and north-west. Internal two-flight staircases lit from two sides thanks to deep incisions made in the building provide access to the L-shaped apartments. These intermediate spaces articulate the buildings, incorporating access ramps on the ground floor and inserted open seating areas on the upper floors. This enables the full-height windows in the long facades to exploit solar gains withoutthe need for sunshades. The frame construction of highly insulated exterior walls have twenty-eight centimetres of insulationin the plane of the uprights plus a further eight centimetres of rock wool. In view of the passive house standard achieved, the building authorities allowed a five per cent increase in the development density, which compensated for the loss of floor area caused by the greater wall thicknesses. The floor slabs are made of glue-laminated timber elements, and only the undergroundgarage (which is naturally lit and ventilated through roof lights) and parts of the staircases are built out of reinforced concrete.A solar thermal plant on the roof of the middle building provides the energy required for hot water and space heating, which is fed into a specially developed stratified storage tank with a height of eleven metres and a diameter of 1.60 metres. The remaining energy demand is covered by a wood-pellet-fired heating system. As the recipient of many awards, this project provides proof that, even in the field of social housing, timber building to passive house standard can be implemented economicallyand in a user-friendly way.

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