Start of the Master class in Ljubljana, 14.03.2017


On Tuesday, the start of the Master class for students of architecture and civil engineering from University of Ljubljana took place. On the first day, the students had opportunity to listen the lectures made by Prof. Hans Gangoly, his assistant arch. Eva Sollgruber and Prof. Gerhard Schickhofer.

Prof. H. Gangoly and E. Sollgruber prepared a lecture on densification of the detached housing settlements. In their presentation, they presented how the densification impact on the reduction of the gas emissions and explained the need for the transformations due to the changes of the lifestyle. More and more people is working from home and they need space for a home office or a growing family needs additional space.

Prof. G. Schickhofer made a lecture about different aspects of using CLT elements for the construction elements and what the engineers have to know when they are dealing with CLT elements.

The day we finished with listening the presentation of the area made by Prof. Marusa Zorec and visiting the location.

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