“In Italy every second 8m2 of fertile soil is destroyed through building activities”,

emphasises Luca Mercalli, president of the Italian Meterological Society in Turin...

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Marco dell'Agli

Alberto Alessi

Guido Callegari, Marco dell'Agli, Lorena De Agostini, Luca Mercalli, Alberto Alessi

...“that's why initiatives like wooddays, which focus on sustainability, are absolutely necessary and definitely welcome”, says the climatologist at the expert conference “Wood and the City of Tomorrow” on 15 May 2015, which is part of the programme of wooddays.

Marco Dell'Agli, architect at studio mario cucinella, Bologna, presented two timber construction projects, which have already been implemented. The kindergarten in “Guastalla, Regio Emila” is, for instance, a great example of the diversity wood provides to an architect regarding shapes.





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