Final presentation of the Zagreb designs

After only two months of preparation time, the designs for the restoration of a school in Graz were presented to the jury.


Experts (Prof. Gangoly, Prof Schickhofer, TU Graz, as well as Prof. Plavec and Prof. Rajcic, University of Zagreb) were positively surprised and excited about the different results and performances the 12 students of the University of Zagreb (6 groups, one architect and one engineer each) worked out in such a short time. 

The programme was accepted very well by the participants and the master class provided the possibility to teach them multifaceted knowledge on contemporary building methods with timber.

The winners are now going to learn much more about timber as a building material. The engineers of the winning teams from Zagreb are invited to study one month at TU Graz, Institute of Timber Engineering and Wood Technology, starting with autumn 2016. The architecture students of the winning teams are invited to do an internship at Architekturbüro Gangoly & Kristiner for one month.

International Wood Fair in Klagenfurt as a stage
The plan is to present the Master class at the International Wood Fair in Klagenfurt, Carinthia on 1st of September 2016. The authors of the winning projects are going to present their project designs, the two professors Vlatka Rajcic (University of Zagreb) and Miroslav Premrov (University of Maribor) are going to talk about the situation of the timber construction industry in Croatia and Slovenia and the professors Gangoly and Schickhofer are going to report on the experience they made with the Master class and the possibilities of a cooperation between Austria-Slovenia and between Austria-Croatia. A summarizing brochure with all the student projects will also be available.

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