Start of the Master class 2018

On Friday, 16.3. was the official start of a Master class 2018. Prof. Gerhard Schickhofer and Prof. Hans Gangoly from TU Graz, Prof. Marusa Zorec, Prof. Roman Kunic and Prof. Bostjan Brank from University of Ljubljana and partners from University of Zagreb, Prof. Vlatka Rajcic, Prof. Mia Roth Cerina and Prof. Leo Modrcin with 46 selected students of architecture and civil engineering from Slovenia and Croatia gathered in Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia to visit the region which comprehensive transformation with wooden constructions is the task of this year´s Master class.


Starting with a session of lectures made by partnering professors from TU Graz, University of Ljubljana and University of Zagreb and representative of Tourism Bohinj organisation, Mrs. Jana Vilmar Proje. Prof. Hans Gangoly, Institute for Design and architectural typologies had a lecture ´The essence of wood in touristic infrastructure´ in which he  presented different aspects of using the wood for touristic and sport facilities by showing the examples around the world and prof. Gerhard Schickhofer, Institute of Timber engineering and Wood Technology prepared a lecture ´CLT and GLT for short, medium and long span structures`, whose focus was on structural principles of CLT in multi-storey buildings, importance of detailed planning for building service in wooden modular constructions and CLT for larger spans. Prof. Marusa Zorec and Uros Rustja presented the region, its uniqueness and introduce the tasks to the students. All the locations that the students will be designing were visited after the presentations. The students from Ljubljana are dealing with three abandoned hotels (two by the lake and one in the mountains, by the ski resort). All three hotels were partly built in wood but in last years were left to decay and the students will in groups prepare a plan for its renovation or even prepare designs for new touristic accommodation structures. The students from Zagreb are designing the facility for a rowing club by lake Bohinj, multipurpose hall for a Nordic centre Polje, hall with a swimming pool in camp Danica and sports hall in camp Danica.

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