End of a third Master class in Ljubljana and Zagreb

With final presentations on Thursday, 7.6. at Faculty of architecture, Ljubljana and Friday, 8.6. at Faculty of architecture, Zagreb we ended with third successfully implemented interdisciplinary and international workshop in Slovenia and Croatia.


In this year´s Master class participated 41 students, 20 architects and 21 civil engineers. Their task was comprehensive transformation of the region Bohinj, Slovenia with wooden constructions. The students from Ljubljana were dealing with a problem of three existing hotels around lake Bohinj, Hotel Bellevue, Hotel Zlatorog and Hotel Vogel. Meanwhile the students from Zagreb were designing a sports hall and a swimming pool hall in Camp Danica, a multipurpose hall for Nordic centre Polje and a rowing house by the lake Bohinj. All the projects are made in wood.
On final presentations the students presented their ideas and designs, followed by comments and discussion with professors from TU Graz, Gerhard Schickhofer and Hans Gangoly, Slovenian professors Marusa Zorec, Roman Kunic and Bostjan Brank and Croatian professors Mia Roth Cerina, Leo Modrcin and Vlatka Rajcic. We had the opportunity to see very interesting projects with a lot of cleaver engineering solutions for timber constructions. The results were showing the advantages of an interdisciplinary work between architects and civil engineers. They worked together from the beginning and developed the construction and the details through the mutual consultations.
All the projects are currently exhibit at the architectural faculties in Ljubljana and Zagreb and on Friday, 29.6. they will be exhibit on the Open Architecture 2018 exhibition at Faculty of architecture, TU Graz.

Selected students for one month practice in Austria:
Anton Vrecl, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana
Mateo Zonta, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana
Gregor Udovc, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana
Iva Ukic, Faculty of Architecture, University of Zagreb
Filip Borak, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb





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